Pantelić And Kežman Are Promoting Beach Soccer

Beach Soccer ltd company was founded in November of 2015, with a goal to focus on beach soccer in Serbia. Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sports, the City of Belgrade and the Football Association of Serbia all gave significant support to establish a new sports discipline in Serbia.

During the initial press conference, the director of Beach Soccer ltd, Aleksandar Radosevic, spoke about numerous projects that have already been arranged in the last couple of months, designed to significantly help promoting beach soccer in Serbia.

– Belgrade will host the Euro Beach Soccer Cup Belgrade 2016 from 24th to 26th June, which will include the teams of Portugal, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine and Hungary, alongside with Serbia.

The tournament will be organized under the patronage of the Beach Soccer Worldwide. What tells the best about the quality of the tournament is the fact that the teams of Russia and Portugal are leading the world rank list at the moment, and that five of eight best ranked national teams will compete in Belgrade – said Radosevic before announcing the development of stadium for beach soccer:

– This modern sports object will be placed on the Makis side of Ada Ciganlija and will occupy an area of approximately 4.400 square meters. The start of the construction is planned several days ahead of now, and Belgrade will get a new stadium in 45 days. The stadium will have a capacity of 2.469 spectators and will be constructed following the UEFA standards.

Alongside with the organization of the tournament and the building of the infrastructure, there is also a significant attention focused on forming the beach soccer national team of Serbia:

– The head coach of Serbian national team is Dejan Knezevic, Serbia’s most successful futsal tactician, six-time national champion and the assistant coach of futsal national team head coach, Aca Kovacevic from 2007. Knezevic will be able to count on two former captains of Crvena Zvezda, Dejan Milovanovic and Nikola Mijailovic, but also on Serbian futsal team captain and goalkeeper, Marko Peric and Nemanja Momcilovic. Starting on May 20th, a seven-day training sessions will be held, which will help determine 12 players who will wear Serbian national team jerseys.

Two promoters of beach soccer in Serbia are former members of Serbian soccer national team, Marko Pantelic and Mateja Kezman:

– I usually say that beach soccer is something best taken from football and put on the sand under the sun, next to the sea. A lot of scissor shots, volley shots, spectacular goals, and without too much of running and tactical movements. This is the essence of this sport which we will be able to enjoy in Serbia also. I have played beach soccer for fun regularly. That is why I am asking people to support this sport, to participate in it and to enjoy it, because the enjoyment is guaranteed. It is good and important that official institutions support this cause because that is the only way beach soccer will get its own infrastructure and be able to develop. I am confident that this sport will develop in Serbia – told Pantelic and was quickly followed by Kezman:

– A fact that I will be able to promote a sport like beach soccer is a great honor for me. Serbia is alongside with countries which are nurturing this sport, which is in my opinion completely logical because I am certain that we as a sport nation have the talent for beach soccer also. I didn’t get a chance to try it out more serious during my career, if one don’t count playing with kids during vacation or with friends between drinking two refreshing drinks on the beach. Still, I know that this sport demands the top level of technique and skills. I am sure that the months to come will bring us a lot of fun and enjoyment with beach soccer. I am confident that neither Pantelic nor I will be able not to try out this sport as soon as they finish building the stadium at Ada Ciganlija.

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